Ivano-Frankivsk district police tracked down the kidnapper bike

in Ivano-Frankivsk police caught the attacker, who from the entrance house at street Harbarskiy, stole a bicycle. However, police warn owners of bicycles to be careful and cautious. 34-year-old resident of the regional center stole someone else's yardohkolisnyka and even managed to sell it, and that the funds spent on riotous entertainment. On this fact a criminal proceeding for criminal offense - theft. With warming comes "hot time" and to velokradiyiv. People transplanted to the bikes, trucks convenient, mobile, takes a sufficient amount of luggage, and- Most importantly, available almost everyone. However, because of their positive qualities, bike becomes easy prey for thieves because the owners leave their vehicles recklessly unattended in a conspicuous place in his own household. Employees Ivano-Frankivsk Gorotdel police to prevent such offenses reminiscent of elementary pravyla security: leave bikes unattended in doorways of houses, commercial establishments nearby, other public places; if you need to leave unattended two-wheeled "friend", ask someone you trust, look after it or use reliable bicycle locks. In case of theft advise victims not to wait and terexchange phone call "102". For "hot pursuit" can not only quickly uncover theft, but also recover lost property. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk