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Ivano-Frankivsk, rescuers teach children within the "Prevent. Save. Help! "

At the Rozhnyativ secondary school art. held public events « Prevent. Save. Help! &Raquo; to familiarize residents of the region and members of the educational process of activity Fire and Rescue Service, delivering them to St.idomosti basic rules of life safety and security measures for risks of disasters. Children showed fire and rescue equipment is in service with the local firefighters. Also, students can feel as real rescuers trying on protective suits, helmets and clothing combat fire. EmployeesFire and Rescue Service have paid attention to the basic rules of safe behavior at home using electric and gas appliances, students warned of dangerous fun with matches and lighters. Also, the children learned about safety measures in case of explosive or similar to them suspicious objects. WestAll were satisfied – both present and organizers. After Action « Prevent. Save. Help! &Raquo; once again proved that the rescue service « & raquo ;, 101 although the state is in form, essentially - people. Its fighters are able to not only eliminate emergencies and teach people the rules of safe behavior at home andon the street, but also give a good mood around. Management DSNS in