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Zhytomyr region: in furthering the day rescuers eliminated 7 times

fire dead March 23 at 13:10 at the point called ’ communications 26th State Fire and Rescue town of Romanov was reported dry grass fire near the village Zaluzhne. The fire was discovered, local, and they called to the rescue « 101 & raquo ;. Onarrival to place calls from rescue ’ yasuvaly, burning dry grass area of ??about 2 acres and flame ’ I quickly spreads to the side of buildings. Locate fire are managed at 13:33 and completely eliminate at 14:10, thus saving buildings peasants he transfer them to fire. The same day the fire area eliminated Zagoration of dry vegetation in Novograd Volyn, Zhytomyr, Romanov, Ruzhyns'kyi, Berdichevsky district and in Zhytomyr on the area of ??7.5 hectares. The dead and injured there. In general, the year is not the first cases of dead wood fire in the open areas. In connection ’ connection with this, the Office of the State Service of Ukraine onordinary situations in Zhytomyr Oblast urges people to abandon the practice of burning fallen leaves ‚ dry grass and other plant debris. It's not only severely damage the environment, but also leads to other negative consequences, bringing the threat to life and health ’ S people. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region