Transcarpathian: In intermountain areas and Mukachevo burning dry vegetation led to destruction of property

March 23 fire engulfed the street facilities in the village. Upper Bystryi intermountain area. The owner of the mansion at the time was in the house where he did repairs. Fire his neighbor noticed that at 14:16 have informedla everything to rescue « 101 & raquo ;. To fight the fire fighters went 4th State Fire and Rescue parts that are localized fire at 14:42 and at 15:10 – eliminated it. The fire flame ’ I destroyed 5 square. m. roof street facilities, floors and household goods, as well as damage the walls of the room. Presumably, etc.of fire resulted careless handling of fire. Not far from the private dvorohospodarstva unknown person burned dry grass on which the fire spread to the street facilities. Caused investigation. On the same day there was a fire in the suburban village of Upper array Koropets Mukachevo district. Local residents noticed that the hill poodalthe rest of the buildings lit trees ’ plates and holiday home and dry grass. Then at 14:21, people reported the event to the investigation and search operations. To eliminate fire was involved firefighters 18th state of the Fire and Rescue. Due to the late notice on arrival of fire units storied trees ’ plates and the house was fullStu covered flame ’ pits. At 15:10 DSNS fighters managed to localize the fire at 16:11 – completely eliminate it. According to preliminary data, the fire holiday home could be the result of uncontrolled burning of dry vegetation. Caused element under investigation, after a fire destroyed country house and 1 hectare of dry grass and bushes.Transcarpathian rescue once again appeal to citizens to not burn on their own yard ’ Yah debris, dead leaves and dry grass. When fire suhotrav ’ I fire could spread to houses and other buildings, thus causing considerable material damage. In addition, these fires cause irreparable damage etc.ovkillyu, destroying fertile soil. And finally, in such situations, people suffer, forced to inhale toxic smoke containing lead compounds, mercury and other heavy metals. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region