Spanish journalist calls on Europe to counter threats in anonymous social networks

independent Spanish reporter and author of Keep Carrasco (Mayte Carrasco) exposed Islamist trolls and addressed with an appeal to Europe to counteract antymediynomu arbitrariness in social networks. This writes the site of the Vienna International Press Institute (IPI) Digital Media Coordinator Javier ’ Pierre Luque (Javier Luque). After the screening of a documentary about Islamic fundamentalism with its commentary Carrasco immediately got on Twitter « squall » insults and threats. Words « scrambled eggs » and « prodigal girl » came to her for a few anonymous Twitter-accounts and « fully coordinated & raquo ;, – said the reporter. Carrasco also threatened to Twitter murder. This coincided with the publication of her book about the war in Syria. Two threats it good city ’ yataye. One of them said: « In the twilight of days you hear our signal & raquo ;, in another – &Laquo; You notice it in your own body ». By its second Tweet removed after the journalist decided to inform the Spanish authorities. &Laquo; message has been deleted, but the words stuck in my city ’ memory & raquo ;, – Please Carrasco said. The purpose of this action – intimidated by professional journalists, she said. &Laquo; Those who covered the Arab revolutions, optiayut what it was about, – explains Carrasco. &Ndash; When they exhaust themselves, in order to convert a war beyond their borders, there is no problem & raquo ;. Spanish reporter decided to publicly disclose what happened to her. She said that encourages colleagues who also face persecution in the network, « take a step forward&Raquo; and « ask European authorities to put an end to anonymous threats on social networks & raquo ;. The incident of Carrasco, – not an isolated phenomenon. Organization for the Protection of Freedom of Speech Index of Censorhip only in the last semester of 2014 has registered dozens of cases of insults, threats and violations of the rights of online journalists in Europe. In opytuvaESI reporters conducted by the British University of Central Lancashire, 70 percent of respondents revealed that they insulted via Twitter for professional work. Half journalists suffered personal insults, and 27 percent – direct threats. As noted in the report, respondents usually blocked accounts, of which there were images, orat least bereaved malicious tweets. Please Carrasco believes that this phenomenon exists because some colleagues diminish resentment and slander trolls on social networks and enable them to stay a long time in the network. &Laquo; They (trolls) are that we do not disrobe and let that such crimes remained unpunished until not an issueto physical threats & raquo ;, – stresses Spanish journalist. &Laquo; Incredibly, it looks like I find courage when working in your own home & raquo ;, – ironically it. For nearly a decade Carrasco covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Mali, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Georgia. She worked as a correspondent in Moscow. 40-year-old Mayte Carrasco collaborated with Spanish and foreign media: El Pa í s (Spain), iTELE-Canal Plus (France), DPA, Die Welt (Germany), Publico, La Nacion (Argentina), Cadena SER, Yo Dona, Telecinco News, Foreign Policy (Spain), OpenDemocracy (UK) and others. It – author of such books as « We want to know »(2012), « Kamikaze » (2012) and pivavtorka eBook « I will be in heaven » (2012), reports « Telekritika & raquo ;. Told