The prosecutors Transcarpathian region competition for the vacant position

According to Art. 15 of Ukraine „ On State Service ” prosecutors Transcarpathian region (m. Uzhgorod, st. Kotsyubynskogo 2a) candidates to fill temporarily vacant positions: Chief Specialist MobilizationDepartment of Personnel prosecutors Transcarpathian region. The competition is open to individuals who have a degree in education – qualification of specialist degree, experience in positions related ’ associated with mobilization training, or with related degree, possession of skills in computer ’ Books technique.A person who wishes to participate in the contest, submit to the established order to the tender committee following documents: - Application for participation in the competition, stating review of the applicant's established law restrictions on the civil service and civil service; - Copies of documents on education, improving Qualifcation, awarding academic rank, awarding academic degrees; - A completed personal card (Form P-2 CDs) with corresponding applications; - Two photographs size 4 x 6 inches; - A declaration of assets, revenues, expenses and financial obligations over the past year in the form required by the Law of Ukraine " On the Basic Anti-kocorruption & quot ;; - Copy of identification; - Copy of military card (for military personnel or military service). Additional information on basic functionality required ’ bonds, submitting the necessary documents for participation in the competition, amount and terms of remuneration provided on tel .: 61-43-74. Deadline for applications –30 calendar days after the announcement of the competition. For information contact: Prosecutors Transcarpathian region Department of Personnel m. Uzhgorod, st. Kotsyubynskogo 2a (Tel .: 61-43-74)