In two trucks collided Uzhhorodschyni

on the highway Kyiv-Chop near Uzhgorod collided trucks "Mercedes" and "Scania". The driver of "Mercedes" with a broken leg was in the hospital. On the bypass road near Uzhgorod faced two trucks, which moved in a fair way. The driver of the car "Mercedes", which Rukhall over, distracted, did not have time to brake and crashed into a truck "Scania", which is carried out by turning left. The blow car, which was moving ahead, turned over in a ditch. Driving a truck was resident Mukachevo district, another -zhytel Ivano-Frankivsk region. The latter was an open fracture of the leg. He deliveredto the hospital. In this incident initiated criminal proceedings under Part 1 st.286 Criminal Code of Ukraine (Violation of traffic safety by persons who are driving). The investigation continues. Dan Hanna, Uzhgorod District Police