Volyn region, held training groups and civil protection services at the largest libraries - Regional Scientific Library March 24 at

m. Lutsk occurred Fire Exercise in the Volyn State Regional Scientific Library of Pchilka. Foundation largest in the library has more than 600 thousand prymirnykiv, including about 1,700 units of publications, some of which date back to the eighteenth century. Weekdays library is usually more than 20 people over a hundred staff and visitors, so a high level of fire of – urgent requirement and required ’ compulsory. It is equally important to detect early signs of burning and operative to remove them to prevent loss of life and to preserve the crushing forces fire on unique publication. For tactical exercise plan, due to short-circuit wiring conveyor belt in stacks on the ground floor there was a fire. She quickly gained considerable size and toxic smoke quickly spread throughout theroom from the first to the fourth floor. Further, noticed the fire and immediately called the number « 101 & raquo ;. Administration and volunteer fire brigades library before arriving firefighters began evacuation of people and property, and boiler room operator, located on the roof, made an emergency shutdown of boilers. Already onTwo minutes in place of conventional disaster rescuers arrived Parts Special fire equipment Lutsk, and after a few minutes officers joined three other sub regional center. Fire-rescue operation carried out simultaneously in several areas: in addition to elimination of conventional fire fighters DSNS were undertaken measures to protect and evakuted with stacks of copies and conducted exploratory work on identifying possible victims. How can ’ it turned out, needed help rescue people – was on the roof of the library boiler room operator, which alone could not get out of a dangerous premises, as the way to salvation was cut thick smokescreenth. Soldiers Service « 101 » promptly launched a ladder to the roof of the building, rescued the victim and handed it to the hands of doctors. At the end of all employees DSNS outlined the key points of the exercise, focusing on each step, as in the case of a real threat to the clear and coordinated actions depends on the safety of employees and vidviduvachiv libraries and the preservation of the material library fund. In addition, rescue workers demonstrated the mode of application stacks primary means of fire and stressed that a small fire can tame even by fire extinguishers. UDSNS in Volyn region