Khmelnytsky, for the removal of "spoiling" the 55-year-old gave kam'yanchanka shahraytsi 1.5 thousand

workers Kamenetz-Podolsk Gorotdel police searching zloumyshlennitsy who, posing as a famous "healer" defrauded a local resident. The victim was crook prodavchynya bread with shopping kiosk on the street Zhukov. Around noon, her claimidiyshla unfamiliar girl and politely asked when will naparnitsa. Like, last year helped her in a delicate problem. The city travel, here and decided to swing your new contacts. May again need help. Then the guests looked closely at the woman and said, "I see that Porobleno for your family. I healer in the third PocoLinney. I can help you. " In a few minutes she persuaded the victim to an immediate need for ritual purification of women and was 1.5 thousand for it. When the victim regained consciousness, then no money, no "healer" has not. With the woman appealed to local law enforcement. - On this fact openly criminal investigatorsproceedings under Part. 1, Art. 190 "Fraud" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - said the head of Kamenetz-Podolsk city police department Vitaly Kozyaruk. - Responsibility for committing the offense involves imprisonment up to three years. Law enforcement officers carry out the necessary search operations. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnitsky regionAsti