After Privat can upgrade cheap baby clothes

Thanks to a special "Store", operating in Privat, buy children's clothes over the Internet can be much cheaper. The project, which you can buy any products online already for three months working in exactly the address. Kiev 21. With the arrival of spring there is a need to updatechildren's wardrobe, because children grow quickly and require annual updates attention to wardrobe. However, given the difficult economic situation, the price of a desired clothing in retail stores just bite. To help in this situation, you can use the services of "Store" Privat where professional specialists will help customers wheyand Best Buys in online stores as Ukraine and around the world. "It should be noted that the clothes can be bought in all the world's online stores in installments or take this opportunity to pay for goods parts - says Olga Zagrebelnaya, head of" Payment parts "Northwest District Privat. - Buying clothes in rozstyears old to 24 months, the buyer will pay a small monthly fee - 2.9% of value of goods. But the main advantage of the "Store" is that compared to conventional stores, clothing is much cheaper to buy over the internet. " "Store" is a very transparent technology - client reports that wishes to purchase, a consultant helping choose nayvydo better offer and arrange installments and Pay Online online store. Partner sends goods to "Store", and the manager immediately informs the customer arrival order. At the final stage, the client receives the desired product in the "Store". If the customer wishes to return an item, the standard rules apply in your return internet shops - from 14 to 30 days depending on the vendor website. "Shop" offers a list of proven partner sites and provides legal support customers from ordering to delivery. If the goods do not come, the seller made a mistake in the amount or lack of product, the client is left alone with controversial situations, all piTanna solved through consultants Privat. In addition, customers who purchase zdisnyly Internet using services and specialists through the bank, have the opportunity to take part in the action "Buy 500 - get 50". Now buying goods in "Store" bank, every client will get 50 USD bonus to your bonus account, paidShea purchase of 500 USD. First in Rivne specialty store online shopping for the third month running successfully in Rivne at ul.Kievskaya, 21 TC "Polyton". Soon the "Store" will be open every PrivatBank.