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Over the weekend, police tracked down Zhytomyr five missing children

All minors under police returned parental supervision. Meanwhile, police urge citizens more responsible attitude to their duties with the care of children and their education. Over the weekend the district police units Zhytomyr received allegations of disappearances5 of adolescent children. That did not return home 15-year-old foster daughter to the police station Romanov midnight March 21 reported a resident of one of the villages in the area. The applicant told the girl at even went cycling in the neighboring village to the girlfriend. However, at the last residence of the missing have not seen. Discovered girl about 6 hoursyny next morning traffic police. She moved the bike on the highway in the area of ??Romanov. Law enforcers said that amused with friends at a nearby Chudnivschyni and are riding home. Rozshukanu girl gave police adoptive parents spent with them and the child preventive conversation. Four others missing in overtwo days teenagers were returned home. None of them was hurt and did not swindles. - All five rozshukanyh children brought up in affluent families. Sharp conflict with parents or persons in loco parentis, the children were not. We can assume that the main reason for leaving their homes spontaneous surge became teenagersOn perfectionism, the desire of expression, independence and uncontrolled freedom - says head of the criminal police for children Galina Shilov. In total this year to Zhytomyr police units reported the disappearance of 25 minors. Currently, the location of all their set, children placed under parental suddenlyd. However, the police encourages parents, which is brought up minor children more responsibility to the responsibilities of caring for her children and their education. Do not hesitate taking interest in where your child is doing what in a given time. Control range of interests and friends. Police intended to protect children from illegal itemosyahan, but their education - direct responsibility of parents. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region