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In the Transcarpathian region lesson the child restraint had derzhohorontsi

policemen Mukachevo Mukachevo inter UDSO Department at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region had lessons in school safety Mukachevo. Attended and sponsored institution - Chynadiyivskyy orphanage. In Chynadiyivskomu boarding chiefs of Mukachevo mizhrayonnoho love UDSO welcomed. Children know them well, because the police are frequent visitors. - For several years, our continued patronage. We try as often as possible to attend school pupils. All holiday spend together. Children prepare interesting performances, and we certainly do not come empty-handed. These children we care about - says Andrey Glinsky, nachalnyk Mukachevo inter UDSO love. This time the police arranged for children safety lesson. Launches of his short lecture about the history of the State Security Service. More children watched news coverage of the activities UDSO in Zakarpattia region. Asking questions. In particular, one of pupils boarding an interest in thata police emergency call button. - The region hosted more than a hundred police emergency call buttons. They established to ensure public order in public places, pharmacies, shops, hotels and more. If a person has become a victim of or witness to a crime, it can apply to the institution that has the sign "Urgent offik police "and ask the administrator or guardian click" disturbing "button. And within minutes the police arrive on the scene - said the commander of a platoon of special groups detention Basil said. After the lecture street children waiting for a real surprise - spetsavto SSS and employees of detention. The kids were able to drive specialscar, turn on the siren, fit body armor and helmet. At the end of the visit the children thanked police for the interesting meeting. A 12-year-old Oleg assured that the future is sure to become a policeman. - I wanted to be a doctor, but now certain that the state police. I will protect people from thieves - said the boy. UDSO at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineTranscarpathian region