Chernihiv region, over the weekend firefighters eliminated 31 fires caused by burning garbage and dry vegetation residues

over the weekend in Chernigov emerged 36 fires. 31 In the case of the reasons was the incineration residues and dry vegetation. The fire covered nearly 63 ha area were damaged and destroyed buildings 9, 25 thspodarchyh structures. Thus, March 21 in the village. Big mouths of Sosnytsya District uncontrolled fire destroyed two household buildings belonging to different owners. On the same day in the dacha "Energy" near the village. Mazhuhivka Chernihiv region gusts of wind in dry grass fire spread and destroyed 6 household structures. In the village. Empty Dam KoropskyFirst and. Kosachivka Kozeletskyi areas of dry vegetation fire due to careless handling of fire unknown persons has led to fires three apartment buildings, four household buildings and two garages. It should be noted that in the region continue to operate in emergency mode mobile patrols where firefighters Managementrzhavnoyi Service of Ukraine of Emergencies. In connection ’ connection with the situation that has arisen, rescue once again turn the population to comply with fire safety measures. Burning dry vegetation and debris is dangerous for your life. Being in nature lonah not throw cigarette butts and matches outstanding, it can lead Dr.on fire with unpredictable consequences. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region