April 4 - Environment Day in Chernihiv

Chernigov In April last month of improvement, but on Saturday, April 4, planned for Environment Day. The order signed by Mayor Alexander Sokolov. "In order to bring in the proper state of urban areas, parks, territory of enterprises, institutions and organizations, notdepending on the ownership and subordination, conduct monthly Landscaping urban areas, parks, squares and sanitation of the environment from 1 until 30 April 2015 Environment Day Cleaning urban areas - April 4, 2015 "- said in a disposal. Borough councils, departments and divisions of the City Council, Comunalenym and other enterprises, institutions and organizations of the city, regardless of ownership and subordination, commissioned to organize cleaning and landscaping citywide, own and surrounding areas, green areas in the city, repair of small architectural forms. First, prybyratymutsya public spaces - parks, gardens and coastaland Desna rivers area and rod. Day Environmental landfill disposal of solid waste free of host debris budgetary organizations and institutions in the city. In the course of the month of improvement will provide cleaning and maintenance of city cemeteries mass graves and monuments of the prompting of proper sanitary condition in theirsurrounding areas. The document was an accomplishment of urban areas carry Housing and Utilities of the City Council. Department of Public Relations of the City Council