Chernihiv: The changes will affect more than 16 thousand working pensioners region

takes effect April 1st Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on pensions", recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. So far it has not been signed by the President of Ukraine, but rather actively discussed in the Ukrainian suspilstvi. New features pension legislation explained to the media at the weekly briefing the head of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Peter Kulinich. He said the changes introduced by this Law, first, concerning payments to pensioners who work for "special" posts. In particularThis public officials, prosecutors, judges, MPs, representatives of local government. During the following categories of pensioners pensions not payable. With the release of the work, all of them, as expected, will receive pension payments. Thus approximately 1300 working pensioners are defined in - more worknot receive pensions or go on a holiday. Overall in the region, there are 367,000 pensioners. Other categories of working pensioners pensions provided at 85%. This only applies to pensioners, pension exceeding 1,5 living wage established for persons who are unable to work - December 1423.5yven. And there in the area is estimated about 16 thousand people. Working pensioners whose pension is less than 1423 UAH - get it in full. This procedure pensions, according to Peter Kulinichi is temporary and will be valid until January 1, 2016. However, these changes do not apply to disabled and II groups, disabled veterans groups IIIand, combatants, family members of military personnel, members of ATU. They are all on any work assigned will receive a pension in full. In addition, changes in the conditions provided for appointment of privileged pensions and seniority. Thus, from April 1, gradually changing age of women required to assign privileged pensionsx. This process will take place gradually over 10 years - every year for 6 months. Just increase and the overall experience for the purpose of privileged pensions. These changes apply to particular locomotive crews workers, workers in the field of exploration work, the workers at the timber and timber floating, Plainwhich fleet, educators and health care, and other artists. Since the beginning of 2015, according to Deputy Chief of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Mary Pomyluyko take effect changes regarding the terms of pensions to survivors family members of military personnel. According to entFirst National pensions made 3300 families. More than 69 thousand pensioners are indexed field, totaling more than 12 million per month. With pensions exceeding three minimum wages (3654 USD), imposed a tax on personal income and military duty (1.5%). Moreover, not all taxable pension, but only suma excess. No surcharge will be also pensioners who live in areas of radioactive contamination. Since January 2015 shall be imposed early retirement (for health, redundancy). This payment of pensions before continuing. In general, according to Peter Kulinichi delays in pension payments Mr.and Chernihiv available. According to the Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration