Rescuers DSNS Ukraine received state awards for courage and professionalism in the performance of their duties

Now in eastern Ukraine, despite the extremely difficult conditions, rescuers continue to work DSNS Ukraine who honorably perform their required ’ responsibilities and not denied on oath loyalty to the Ukrainian people. President of UkrainePoroshenko praised the work of the Donetsk Garrison said DSNS and state awards best rescuers who constantly show courage and professionalism in protecting state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Thus, the Decree of the President of Ukraine 144/2015 Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree awarded ILchenka Nikolai Vladimirovich Chief Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Donetsk region, major general of civil defense. Order “ Courage ” III degree awarded Mirkevich of Alexander, junior sergeant Civil Protection and Stryuschenka Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel Civil Protection. Major General SLuzhby civil protection Nicholas Ilchenko in rescue service has gone from paramilitary chief inspector to the fire. It has excellent organizational skills, able to consistently and professionally organize the entire unit. Nicholas Ilchenko took part in extinguishing fires and carrying out complex rescue overallst disaster relief man-made and natural disasters and professionally organized work of personnel, thereby pryshvydshuyuchy emergency response. After complication of the situation in the east of Ukraine, Nikolai, being as Chief Directorate DSNS in Donetsk region, not betrayed the oath on virnisNumber of Ukrainian people and despite threats from terrorists continued to work in emergency services Ukraine. Today Donetsk unit DSNS is really in the toughest conditions, but at the same level as other garrisons, continues to carry out its tasks. The result of this work is the ability to precisely manager – Nicholas Ilchenkoa- create a single cohesive team that can work and remains true to Ukraine. He was able to collaborate with local authorities on mutual information and taking steps to carry out works to restore life support cities and surrounding areas, organized interaction with management Avdeyevka coke plantto restore the power of the central city hospital in the city. Avdiyivka, which was located in 60 patients (20 of them a woman in labor, 5 children). Nicholas Ilchenko particularly cares about their safety employees. So, knowing that life rescuers who were directly near the fighting in cities and Debaltseve Avdiyivka, danger, he organizuvav and personally coordinated the evacuation of personnel, equipment, operation and service export documentation, personnel and financial archival materials to safer areas. This only shows one – for his subordinates, he is not a leader, but also a caring father. Junior Sergeant civil protectionMirkevich Alexander, who works at the Donetsk garrison is not only a professional firefighter, but also a person who is not indifferent to human suffering. He always tries to help local residents to safely leave the dangerous territory of Donetsk region. Working under the whizzing bullets of terrorists, risking his life, Alexander continues to carry out its work andalyshatysya patriot of his homeland. January 27 this year as a result of shelling in residential building in the village. Myronivska, fire. Alexander Mirkevich, as part of the guard, who arrived at the fire, act confidently and decisively, and despite the fact that attacks by terrorists did not stop, followed right on the chosen extinguishingfire decisive direction. Thus, in a short time the fire was extinguished. And February 1, 2015 Alexander, along with his fellow rescuers carried out the transportation of civilians. Debaltseve in which terrorists have launched attacks on lead sighting people. Civilians received numerous shrapnel wounds. Woundedtion was Alexander, but despite this, courage and professionalism, he gave the first domedychnu help others wounded, thus completing their required ’ Connection as a lifeguard and indifferent person. Colonel Civil Protection Alexander Stryuschenko – a person yakazarekomenduvala yourself as a professional, talented ta strong organizer during the fighting complex fires, emergency response and performing other tasks. In late January and early February 2015, when the situation worsened in the Donetsk region, Alexander, knowing that at any moment terrorists can launch attacks on civilians, often vyyizhdzhAB to cities and Debaltseve Svitlodarsk to organize and implement export residents and those who have lost the ability to move independently of these cities to safe areas. Alexander also played the leader of firefighting buildings and structures affected by falling shells in them. A 4 February Stryuschenko Alexander, Laneebuvayuchy driving a service vehicle, risking their own lives, removal from the firing of three residents Debaltseve. Currently, he is still continuing care residents Donetsk, decide their placement and providing essential things and humanitarian aid. It is difficult to imagine the conditions currently lifeguard Donechchyny. Undoubtedly, every one of them deserves praise and sincere words of gratitude. But the most important is that these men did not betray his colleagues and fellow native Ukrainian land. Press office DSNS Ukraine