Carpathian police investigating fraud cases

Most suffer from fraud inconsiderate owners and buyers of bank cards in shops. Attackers pretend to bank employees and report certain problems with the calculation of funds and asked to say confidential information. March 19 in Galicia had a caseWhen an unknown person called 14-year-old residents of the area and had the employee of one of the banks, and thus fraudulently illegally captured her money in the amount of ten thousand hryvnia who were injured on the credit card. Other fraud whose victims are prykarpattsi, including Internet fraud is when something seems Mr.Rod network, but in fact only lure people money. Yesterday statement entered 21-year-old citizen that she donated 435 USD via Internet network for the product, but also lost money and things. With no permanent income they are concerned merely one - wriggle into people's trust for their own benefit. And most most beneficial for victims ofare lonely, old seniors who by frequent and would never what to them is a real zloumyshlennitsy that ruthlessly Takes it all savings. Police urges citizens to treat offers Internet purchasing products through a worldwide network of Internet more responsible, because such suggestions you may receive evenfrom abroad. And before transfer funds, check the information on the person or entity to read customer reviews, and if necessary - to require documentary proof of legality of this business. Pay for the goods only after receiving it. Fraud occur when collecting donations to help participants ATO or sick children. This police urge citizens to report suspicious cases. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk