Ivano-Frankivsk, dangerous discoveries!

March 22 in the village of Upper Strutyn Rozhniativ District during the spring field work revealed two 82-millimeter mines during the Second World War. Citizens who accidentally come across on any item that looks like explosives trace memory ’ in mind that you can not move ammunition andmove from place to arrival pyrotechnic group. On a dangerous discovery should immediately notify the local authorities, operational and rescue service and the police. It is necessary to stop any work in the area dangerous place and organize its health professionals to arrival. If you find Munitions is strictly prohibitedmake any attempt to disassemble it. Pam ’ Yatai: safety rules will help you avoid trouble. Pam ’ Yatai about it yourself and warn their relatives, especially children. Total YTD found 34 pieces of munitions in the territory of Carpathians. Management DSNS in appeals to residents of Ivano-Frankovskvschyny be vigilant and cautious in dealing with explosive remnants.