Vinnytchina: the number of the housing subsidy in the beginning of the year increased 3.5 times against last year's figure (+ photos)

In January and February 2014 its right to receive state subsidies benefited 1870 families, over the same period this year - over 6573 families. This information is provided during the meeting held 2March 3, First Deputy Director of the Department of Social Policy Lyudmila Karataeva RSA. She presented appointment housing subsidy scheme according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 28.02.2015 106 "On improvement of providing housing subsidies" "Under the new conditions of state aid to pay foromunalnyh services due to increased tariffs for gas, heat and electricity, introduces the concept of trust - the appointment of subsidies on the basis of the data declared by the applicant - said Lyudmila Karataeva - This test data quality will be carried out by the Social Security after the appointment of subsidies The exercise byof inquiries to the relevant authorities, institutions and organizations. " She also noted that the appointment of subsidies will now only on the basis of two documents - the application and declaration (repealed need to provide information about income, including personnel). This introduced a simplified application form and declaration of income and youspending citizens to apply for subsidy. The subsidy for housing and communal services appointed for 12 months from the date of application for its intended purpose. Upon expiration of a grant, social security authorities will carry out the calculation of subsidy for the next period automatically. To do this, they need to collectinformation without seeking citizen and within two months of the new period will take decision on the appointment of these subsidies to households and inform in writing of the decision of citizens who applied. "For 67 thousand families areas that during the heating season 2014-2015 years subsidized, provides automatic desigachennya subsidies for another term without the need for a new set of documents and access the social security "- said Lyudmila Karataeva. According to her, at the same time strengthened the applicant's responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided for the appointment of subsidies. If incomplete or inaccurate data on income and youcosts are recorded in the living room persons, be denied the appointment of subsidies or stopped providing it. In this case, the applicant is obliged to return excess recalculated (paid) the amount of the subsidy in double. Addressing the meeting, Chairman of RSA Valery Cow said: "The program housing subsidies districtand new conditions already beginning to act, so it is necessary to inform the population earned system, district administrations and local authorities in particular - of regional centers and district centers. So should be possible to attract regional and district media to deliver the presentation in an accessible and convenient oddsE for terms and mechanisms for subsidies. " ODA Chairman instructed assistants soon organize a thematic areas meeting with representatives of State Administration for maximum quality awareness of the conditions of the population of state subsidies to pay utilities. Reported byin Vinnitsa RSA