Farmers edge in 2015 plan to keep the leading position in agriculture Ukraine (+ photos)

This was stressed by the Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Regional Administration Mykola Neyilyk during weekly meetings. He said that over the past year in Ukraine region ranked first in terms of grossSecond agricultural production, including harvests, sugar beets, potatoes, fruit crops and the production of milk. The region boasts the greatest in Ukraine cattle, including cows. In 2014 trashed the highest in the history Vinnichiny gross yield of grain in the amount of nearly 5.1 million. Tons. "For minutesulyy year in the produced gross agricultural output in the amount of 20.1 billion. UAH., an increase of volume compared to the year 2013 amounted to 12.2% "- Mykola Neyilyk. Commenting on the above RSA chairman Valery Cow said: "More than 20 billion hryvnia - a tremendous resource for the region. Due to economic activityindustry alive and local governments in particular and the region as a whole. The agricultural sector at the present time, in contrast to previous years, a significant advantage for Vinnytsia, which serves as the engine of economic growth in the region. " According to Nikolai Neyilyka Commending the achievements of last year, this year farmers plan to save the region leading position Weennychchyny in agriculture Ukraine. The plans are implemented. Thus, if the beginning of the year as a whole in Ukraine in agriculture, compared to the same period last year, reduced output by 3.6%, the Vinnichchina during this period increased its production by 17.7%. "These results achieved, theahunok success of the livestock industry, which in recent years attracted significant investment resources. Within two months of this year was increased milk production by 3.8 thousand. Tons or 3.8%, meat - 11.3 thousand. Tons 118.3%, eggs - by 4.7 million. Units (4.8% ). The region takes first place in Ukraine in terms of production of milk and meat and odynadtsyate place in terms of egg production "- said the director of the Department of Agricultural Development of Regional Administration Mykola Neyilyk. Regarding the situation of the herd, in comparison with the same period last year, the number was increased poultry to 3.8 million. Units (17.7%), pigs - by 2.7 thousand. Units (0, 8%). The number of cows remained the same as last year, and the number of cattle decreased by 4 thousand. Heads, or 1.3%. "As of March 1, 2015 in the number of cattle is 311.9 ths. Heads, including cows - 161.4 ths. Heads, pigs - 359 ths. Heads, poultry - 25 million b. Heads. It is encouraging that the significant results achieved in the fieldthrough improved productivity of livestock and poultry "- said Nikolai Neyilyk. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration