In the Zhytomyr region on fire rescued

men on March 22nd at 16:20 on the item called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue downtown Korosten was reported fire in the trees ’ Yan house is located on a street in the district center . Upon arrival of the next guard firefighters to the scene was InstallationsHainaut, in building a strong smoke, and by the house sits on a bench man. The latter immediately transferred into the hands of doctors arrived, who was admitted to the local hospital. The affected was 51-year-old homeowner. According to neighbors, the owner abused alcohol and petrol. Probably because there was fire and smoke drunkcondition in bed. Due to operational actions rescuers quickly localize fire at 16:24, not letting it spread over the entire area of ??the house. Final disposition of events are held at 16:31. The fire destroyed two sofas. Now all the circumstances set fire experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region