In Zhytomyr police wanted crooks

During the last days to the district police departments militia region turned two polesian allegations of fraud "bank staff". March 22 to Zhytomyr police station MIA turned 42-year-old resident of the district, who said that because of their own negligence lost with the score 8 thousand. ZayaINEC said that people called him and introduced by the Bank. The interviewer, under the pretext of clarifying personal data, confidential information learned all. Only a few hours of receiving SMS notifications from financial institutions to withdraw from his account of money, he realized that he was a victim of fraud and called the police. FromA similar statement to Novograd Volyn MB Internal Affairs asked 40-year-old resident of the district center. Through his own carelessness and credulity woman UAH 7,500 was withdrawn from a personal bank account. Although the steps to install malicious persons. However, police are turning to the citizens, note that to protect themselves from such rodo evil deeds is realistic to remember this and tell themselves close friends and some rules: - Anyone, under any circumstances, do not provide personal information, especially over the phone; - Carefully read the SMS messages that come to your cell phone; - If you convince the risk of losing money because of "system failure" orinform any other banking operations and required to provide personal information, do not rush, better call the hotline financial institution (bank card on each listed telephone numbers). Remember, in these situations, your financial security depends on you! Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region