Ukrainians massively plan to issue grants for "communal" - "Free Microphone"

About 40% of Western Ukraine and Kyiv are planning to apply to get grants for the "communal". It is said that after raising the cost for utility services without government support can not pull ends meet, life is more expensive because, while income levelsmost remained unchanged. These are the results of a survey of the category « Question of the week » national project « Free Microphone » TV ZIK. In particular, the removal program 21 March people interested: « whether you will seek subsidies to pay for housing and utilities? & Raquo ;. It should be noted that the quantitativeNumber of wanting to get subsidies in all cities, employing Tribune « Free Microphone » (Which is six regional centers west of the country and the capital), about the same. The desire to seek assistance said even those who have never thought about the need to draw subsidies. &Laquo; Obviously, I will seek subsidies, although itfor me will be the first such experience, – man admitted in Rivne. &Shy; – It would seem that I university lecturer, I had everything to be fine. And actually this wage, which is hardly enough to cover costs. Wants seems to me that the principle of charging subsidy is not fair. I thought to look for additional income. But can axit so that additional thousand UAH deprive me of the right to grant. So the question: why should I work harder? & Raquo ;. But the lion's share of subsidies to needy still not as people who work and pensioners. &Laquo; I get disability pension – 1049 USD, after all payments of me is 300 hryvnias. Even in his pocket singland the hryvnia and 10 cents, which should hold out until April 7. So how can I live without subsidies? & Raquo ;, – spoke about their situations woman in Lutsk. And some of the people's speakers even concealed irony, sarcasm closer to when it comes to the possibility to draw subsidies. Like, people almost drove poverty, and now makebeg State « handouts, subsidies & raquo ;. &Laquo; Ladies and Gentlemen, I apply for subsidies will not, because I « great » pension – 1165 USD. And my daughter, son and grandson never work. Why do we need subsidies? May apply for grants Yatsenyuk Turchynov Poroshenko and relatives! & Raquo ;, – said litniy people in Ternopil. The bulk of survey participants reported that after raising the cost of utilities, subsidies needed to most families in Ukraine. But legislation is designed so that not everyone can take advantage of government support. About 30% of « Free Microphone » said that for variouss reasons are not eligible for subsidies. &Laquo; I have a son 10 years in Spain, but its always include the list of those who generates income in the family, so I can not work out a subsidy, although it would be for us a very timely & raquo ;, – said one of the participants of the survey. However, nearly 30% of people's speakers urged uo do not intend to issue grants because they do not feel this need. This added: definitely increase prices « communal » affect the family budget, however look for yourself out of the situation. Like, not all problems can be to pass on to the state. &Laquo; I will not ask subsidies going to save. So doesmost families. We are looking for different ways to save and so davatymemo deal & raquo ;, – said people in Uzhgorod. &Laquo; I have a negative attitude to higher utility costs, – ternopolyanyn added. &Ndash; But we must also understand that the services can not be sold cheaper cost. So will try to make the painlowed to spin as I can to feed themselves & raquo ;. &Laquo; I will draw intends Nothing, something later on Data point I want zavyset itself from Samoa, – delivered a young woman in Kiev. &Shy; – I love our countries, I want razyvatsya and works in her. Previously I poluchala pensyyu on one neymenyyu IZ kormyltsev. And NOW I want Avto These wherenhy poluchal was He who ??? bolshe upon whom ??? Indeed pomohut & raquo ;. More thoughts Ukrainian whether they plan to issue grants for utility services, can be heard every night on TV ZIK in special issues of national project « Free Microphone » &Ndash; &Laquo; Question of the week & raquo ;. Current issues see daily programI and every hour during the day and evening. Told