On the eve of the Resurrection Khmelnytsky rescuers checked Fire

places of worship Easter eve, to prevent fires in churches, rescuers churches actively engaged in checking on compliance with fire safety regulations during worship when believers go en masse to the temples. Thus, on March 23, etc.atsivnyky DSNS with media representatives visited the Holy Transfiguration church, St. Andrew and the house « All Saints Ukrainian Earth & raquo ;, in the regional center. From superiors churches rescuers had briefings and roses ’ yasnyuvalni conversation handed city ’ yatni cards with rules AMPsezhnoyi security. During the raid, much attention was paid to the mains serviceability and availability of a sufficient number of fire extinguishers in the room. In addition, firefighters said that candle should be securely attached to the floor at least 1 m from materials that are easy to fire and building places of worship area of ??over 500 square meters. of potribno equipped with automatic fire alarm installation. Employees DSNS appealed to the clergy to those particular attention paid holidays for older people who may miss something or miss what is thus neglected fire safety rules, for example, inadvertently set fire to his neighbor in the church. In its ThRSU staff places of worship place in churches city ’ of interest with the rules of fire safety, and once again convinced that they were fire extinguishers maintenance and are ready for their intended use, and once again tested spare emergency exits. In addition, during worship Fathers always warn people to becareful in the church and parishioners themselves understand how to deal with fire, because in most cases, synthetic clothing, so you need to keep your distance from each other when the candles. One of the least important factors proper fire of religious buildings is the availability and serviceability of external fire wateri. During the raid firefighters practically tested fire hydrants near churches starting with water and once again convinced that in the event of trouble they can use them for other purposes. Recall that in the last 5 years in religious buildings Khmelnytsky recorded four fire. There were they due to careless handling of fire, use of stoveinflammation and even after getting the lightning discharge. State Emergency Service of Ukraine once again reminds the citizens, not to overshadow a holiday, follow the rules of safe use of fire, be especially careful with candles. Knowledge of basic fire safety rules will help prevent fire and knowledge of priority actionsIn case of fire – help keep the material and spiritual values. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast