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National-patriotic education of Ukrainian youth in the context of Ukraine's European integration and protection of the state and its citizens against Russian aggression and imperial chauvinism

recently at the Khmelnytsky regional seminar held OENTSUM "national-patriotic education of minors ecological and naturalistic forms of work - an important task Pedaiahhohiv-school and secondary specialized educational institutions ", which pozashkilnyky-naturalists conducted jointly Khmelnytsky OIPPO. The seminar was attended by 42 heads of children's art groups eco-naturalistic profile from all over the region, scholars, educators, members of the creative team experimenttial site of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine-based HOENTSUM, volunteers, sponsors and enthusiasts yunnativskoyi case. The exhibition encompasses consideration of the participants of the national-patriotic education of youth in the system of the educational process of profile-school and secondary schools, the introduction ofpractice of educators edge Programs and methodological support Ukrainian patriotic education of children and youth, developed with the participation of scientists metropolitan Khmelnytsky naturalists for educational institutions of Ukraine in realization of their objectives the context of ecological education students and sharing experiences in this directionment work in specialized circles. Along with urgent tasks for educators national-patriotic education Ukrainian school youth, children and adolescents in the context of European integration of Ukraine and the Ukrainian state and protect its citizens from the said promotion of great imperial chauvinism and irrepressible Russian aggression atonementntiv and their minions separatists in Donbass, participants were offered for consideration of the topic: - "Patriotism as a value and consolidating the foundation of the nation" / Poustovit Grigory Petrovich, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Secretary of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; - "The role of the teacher in reinforced patriotic education in teaching biologistsher and Ecology "/ Peace Lily A., Methodist biology and ecology Khmelnytsky Oblast Institute of Postgraduate Education /; - "Scientific and methodological aspects of modeling patriotic education on the principles of sustainable development" / Skrypnyck Sergey V., PhD, assistant professor of theory and methodology of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Hmelnytskoho Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education /; - "Activities of the Department of Nature regional museum in the environmental awareness of the younger generation" / Painted Nellie E., Head of Nature Khmelnytsky oblast museum /; - "National-patriotic education andstudents nowadays education reform "/ Hanzyuk Alla Yaroslavivna, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemical engineering Khmelnitsky National University /; - "Peculiarities of national-patriotic education of youth in modern conditions" / Zotov Elena, Methodist Khmelnytsky regional ecological and naturalistic centpy school youth /; - "Elements of national-patriotic education in classroom teaching groups of young ornithologists" / Vladimir Novak, biology teacher Holoskivskoyi secondary school art. Letychiv district leader of the group of young ornithologists Khmelnytsky OENTSUM /; - "Methodology equipment rooms, interiors and classrooms withcombined use of aquariums, indoor plants and compositions of natural materials "(master class) / Muzhychuk Nikolai Andreyevich, Yuri Goncharuk, the founders of the club Khmelnytsky aquarium" Tetradon "Volunteers /. - "The priority tasks of the national-patriotic education of pupils and students in joint R & OGlowing project activity Khmelnytsky OENTSUM with scientists NAPS Ukraine "/ Klimchuk Vasily, director of Khmelnitsky regional ecological and naturalistic Youth Center /. Each head groups party event received from Khmelnytsky naturalists handouts electronic versions of current scientific and methodological documents and printed literature on national-patriotic and natural history of native established scholars and teachers of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, National ENTSUM, Khmelnytsky and Kamenetz-Podolsk national universities, Khmelnytsky OIPPO and staff members of the creative team of the experimental site of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciencesto the Khmelnytsky OENTSUM. During the seminar held a round table in which there was an exchange of practical experience and review of pedagogical ideas for creative tasks and solve problems pozashkilnykamy education of young citizens, patriots Ukraine ecological and naturalistic forms of nowadays education reform, withProtection of the Motherland of the aggressors, European integration and the development of the Ukrainian state and society. The information was