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During the week DSNS Ukraine rescued 52 people and eliminated almost 2,500 fires

Last week (from 16.03 to 22.03) divisions of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies conducted site visits for measures to prevent disasters, rapid response to events and response , firefighting onmanagement of other rescue measures. Only last week registered 2 thousand. 751 extraordinary event, which provided DSNS response units of departure to the place of their origin. As a result of the undertaken measures 52 osoby. Thus, March 21 in Poltava. During dismantling of private non-residential building construction, wall collapse occurred,resulting in fragments were 3 people. Employees affected DSNS freed from the rubble and was admitted to the hospital. As of 7 hours. March 23 all the victims are treated. On the same day, March 21, m. Brovary, Kyiv region on the street. Kutuzov, 6, motorways collided with a carshuttle bus from the bus subsequent fall from the bridge. Due to an accident 14 people were taken to hospital. As of 7 hours. March 23 all the victims are in the hospital. Disposed 2 thousand. 454 fire rescued 46 people on fire and not allowed the destruction by fire 821 building and 13 units. technology. On fire killed 54 people, estimated lossesaccording to current data, make 5 million. 522 thousand. USD. In particular, March 21 in the city. Kremenets Ternopil region to open in the former farm due to careless handling of fire, there was a fire of dry grass with rollover the stacks of straw bales (harvest 2007). The fire destroyed and damaged 4 stacks Mr.and the area of ??1 hectare. Departments DSNS Ukraine fire quickly eliminated. There were no victims. Also March 22 in m. Kyiv on Avenue 40 years of October, 59-b, in the hospital room on the 2nd floor housing Hospice 10th Kyiv City Clinical Hospital on fire, by which 1 person died. DSNS fire units eliminated. During likvidatsiyi fire employees DSNS rescued 20 people (paralyzed patients), and 78 people were evacuated. The cause is currently installed investigation. Since the beginning of the week pyrotechnic units DSNS made 170 visits, during which he discovered, seized and destroyed 1 thousand. 156 pieces of munitions of war. During the week about water ’ yektah 3 people died. According to data of the week there were 310 road traffic accidents, resulting in the deaths of 47 people and injured 403 people. Press office DSNS Ukraine