Ternopil: Terebovlyansky employment center gave gifts to orphans in Donetsk region Terebovlia

volunteers repeatedly went to the East through Ukraine for ATO bitsiv. During a recent trip to the village. Mykolayivka that in Slavic, they visited the orphanage orphans, which was 120 kids of all ages. These kids from Terebovliath Employment was transferred products, children's clothes - clothes, shoes, toys, the press service Terebovlia district administration. "The children ran out of the premises with loud cries of" assistance privyezli! ". When ran up to us, young and old welcomed "Glory to Ukraine!", And even thankful for the gifts Ukrainian - "thank you!" - Saidandgives volunteer Bogdan Morozovych meeting. - Some of us from that tears welled in his eyes ... Older guys 13-15 years firmly, almost adult shook hands and looked into the eyes of quite childish views. We have such a long time here in the East, not seen, changed attitude towards us, the ice began to break up. These children are helping not only us, but also volunteersTernopil, Kyiv, others. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/