How to steal money from cards Transcarpathians

Last year, the number of frauds committed with payment cards in Ukraine increased 6.5 times (recorded 39,300 such crimes). A total amount of fraud caused losses exceeded 12 million. Become a victim of fraud and Transcarpathians, including residents Khust. According Hust MBMIA on Khust last year found 10 cases of "electronic" fraud. And this year - for four stolen from bank accounts. Interestingly, steal money from our fellow residents mostly other areas. In particular, last year to Xust Gorotdel police received a petition from a resident s.Velyatyno. She wanted to buy a wedding dress over the Internetand donated to the virtual salon Kharkov 1976 UAH. However, neither the marriage clothes, no money zakarpatka no longer seen ... On a mobile phone s.Sokyrnytsya resident received a text message about winning car brand "Chevrolet Aveo" worth 168,000 USD. The villagers call the listed number. A pleasant male voice said "Participants of action "that claim the prize or can withdraw money by paying 1680 USD. (1% of the car) and is 4200 USD. for banking services. Happy "winner" immediately ran to the nearest bank branch to transfer money "won" a car ... But immediately after the transfer of funds to the "organizer of the draw" linkof the subscriber was lost ... Just lost 6,200 USD. Vyshkovo resident of the village. He called resident of Zhytomyr region with a proposal to buy parts. An attacker lured unsuspecting man from his bank card number, which took all the money .. This disaster befell hustyanku summer. The fraudster, posing as an employee of servicesecurity of a bank, asked women from her credit card number. Soon grandmother received a text message that her account removed 5560 UAH ... A similar case occurred with another resident Justa in January this year. Gullible woman lost 6419 UAH ... Much larger amounts lost this year resident of the village Zolotarevo, which was stolen fromCard over 52 thousand, and entrepreneur with Justa - 50 thousand. Unfortunately, most "plastic" crimes police officers can not reveal. To some extent, this blame the banks themselves, are not interested in interfering in other structures own work. And angry investors, banks refuse to pecuniary damage, Villageylayuchys on line agreement on opening card account, which states that the customer is required to keep card details (number and pin) confidential and not to transfer data to third parties ... Nevertheless, a significant portion of scams come to the attention of law enforcement. In particular, recently Hust District Court sentenced, however arbitrary, unfairin Khust resident, engaged in "electronic" robbery countryman. - Use the payment systems crook transferred to his own account more than 10 thousand, - says head Hust MB Internal Affairs Vasyl Turday. - Against zloumyshlennitsy a criminal proceeding by Art.190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud), which is punishable by a fine50 times the income, community service for up to 240 hours of correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonment for up to three years. The court sentenced the woman to a probation period of one year. To avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals need to know how to protect their money.- Scammers are many schemes "electronic" robbery - says lawyer Vasily Bilych. - The most common of these are pensioners calls on behalf of bank staff with a request personal information. Hearing details crooks removed from the victim card all the money. You can also get caught on the hook speculators buying things on the Internet. Attackers NeriSDC fake sites popular virtual stores and offer to buy branded products companies registering on the site. The client leaves thieves all the information about yourself so hard not criminals withdraw money "buyer". Nor should we respond to suspicious text messages or spam that comes to e-mail a request to fill spelnu application by reference. It should be noted that no bank holds such events, we are talking about confidential customer information. In addition, anyone can notify pin personalized cards, carry it in your wallet, phone or write to vydryapuvaty on the most payment card. For your safety, it is desirable to connect SMS-banking andkeep track of all transactions with the card. When withdrawing cash at ATM also need to be very vigilant. First, you must close the hand of strangers keyboard, so no one saw you entered PIN code. Second, if the card the first time does not go out the window, it is better to contact the staff of the institution. The fact that fraudsters sometimes put onATMs so-called "trap" - plastic "envelopes" and tips on the keyboard. This attackers operate very quickly. While the client calls to the bank to find out what the thing thieves have time to charge ... In any case, to minimize the risk of losing their income, should be carefully and seriously the use of bank cards.If you have any doubt, please contact immediately with a written statement as to the banking institutions and the police.