Ternopil region: m. Kremenets there was fire 7000 bales of straw

March 21 at 12:12 at the point called ’ communications 5th State Fire and Rescue unit (hereinafter DPRCH) Office received a report of a burning dry grass near six stacks of straw bales . According to an eyewitness who reported the fire, burning appeared approximately at 12:00 to dryfirst grass near two stacks of straw bales. On arrival the next punished to place a call firefighters as part gazodymozaschitny managers started extinguishing the fire, but called ’ communication that bales of straw were scattered between stacks, flame ’ I quickly spread and perekydalos from stacks to the stacks. By decision of the head extinguishingfire the aid directed second unit 5th DPRCH Office. Despite the strong wind and smoke, professional rescuers was given to signs and already at 14:02 the fire was localized. Under the strict guidance of the chief Kremenetskogo District Department of Management DSNS Ukraine in Ternopil region Lieutenant Colonel civil service prostu George Halkevycha, brave firefighters in the number of personnel of 9 at 18:10 liquidated burning straw bales total of about 7000 pcs., to extinguish this fire was used more than 50 000 liters of water. Overall, 2 units were engaged special fire equipment 5th DPRCH Office, and 1 unit of auxiliary equipment (TLbarrel, the capacity of 10,000 liters) and Pomp « ROBIN » which provided assistance to one of the farm land. In place of the operational group management. The causes of the fire and its investigation.

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