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In Ternopil in s.Stupky burning cottage

March 21 at 21:00 to the operational and management control service received a report of a fire in one of the cottages with. Stupka Ternopil region. To the scene immediately went to guard the 3rd State Fire and Rescue District Department of Ternopil Office, on arrival at 21:19 extinguishing headfire immediately found that to extinguish this fire one unit of special fire fighting equipment is not enough and calling for help another unit, the guard began to fire localization of cell area which was 60m.kv .. The difficulty was to extinguish the fire in the large distance to water sources nayblyschoho adapted fopovnennya water vehicle fire, so to refuel zatrachalos 28hv. on the road in both directions, along with the good and through coordinated efforts of Ternopil firefighters are at 22:52 the fire was extinguished and rescuers began to examine Strait and structures to prevent further fire. Overall for fire suppression engagedb 3 guards in 12 personnel, operational staff management, and three special units of fire equipment. Fire destroyed the roof and household items, cause turned out to safety violations in the operation of furnace heating, fortunately not injured.