The incident at the station Mukachevo conducted an internal investigation

In video footage posted on one of the websites on the incident involving a police officer at the railway station Mukachevo conducted an internal investigation. March 17 officers patrol police station in Mukachevo found a violation of communityment order of the two men who committed drunk quarrel in a room station. Police patrol offenders brought to the police station line. At this time, one of the passengers at the station began filming the process of bringing offenders. One of the police officers offered the man to stop recording. A citizen called himself the samejournalists were, however, did not present his identity. He wrongly tried to go to office space linear department, and when there was not allowed - tried to grab a police officer's hand. As a result, between a policeman and a man came verbal conflict. On this fact for an internal investigation. After completion rezulTats investigation will be released to the public. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Lviv railway