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In Uzhhorod police quickly uncovered the theft of state archive

Four fans easy money stolen from the administrative building of the regional state archives iron bars and beams. Recently Gorotdel to Uzhgorod police received information that unknown persons entered the administrative building of the State Archives of Transcarpathian region, calledidky kidnapped ten iron grates and eight metal beams. Employees of the Criminal Investigation Police Gorotdel found that the theft of metal involved three Uzhgorod aged 23-27 years and their 29-year-old friend, a resident of Uzhgorod district. One of the thieves has spent several years in prison for the same crime. In perfect PLNovmysnyky admitted and explained that the theft committed at night. So wanted to earn money to spend on their own needs. In this incident the investigation department of Uzhgorod police opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft), which sanction the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 3to 6 years. Physical evidence removed. Attackers communicate with the police, the question of choosing for them a preventive measure. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA