In Chernihiv oblast by burning dry grass killed

people on 20 March at 16:49 to the Department DSNS in Chernihiv Oblast received information about the fire economic buildings in the village. Red Chernihiv region. By calling on the scene firefighters arrived 5th professional fire post of village Olyshivka that localize at 17:20 and at 18: 00 finally eliminated the fire. The cause of the fire was burning dry vegetation. After some time, about 100 meters away from the fire, was burnt to the neighbors found charred body of her husband. He was 65-year-old local resident. Most likely man tried to extinguish the fire on their own field, which extends to economic budivlyu. However, inhaled smoke fainted and fell into the fire. In connection ’ connection with this, the rescue once again urge citizens to be extremely careful when dealing with fire and observe fire regulations and environmental safety. Remember that burning dry vegetation and debris is strictly prohibited. Keep your life and property from fire. In theDSNS in Chernihiv region