In the Transcarpathian region reported bomb threats nightclub in Mukachevo not confirmed

February 14, Valentine's Day, to Mukachevo Gorotdel police received a report of bomb nightclub. With the establishment evacuated about 180 visitors vidtransportuvaly 50 vehicles. In the evening, around 22.00 hours, the line "102"Duty of Gorotdel was reported bomb threats entertainment venue. The man who called the police called his name, but refused to specify your phone number or other information. At the scene left a group of Explosives, cynologist with a dog, firefighters, doctors, police Gorotdel and other services. After thvakuatsiyi visitors workers examined all the room, but no trace of explosives or similar suspicious items were found. Currently, measures are taken to establish the identity of her husband, who provided false report of bomb. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA