Blog Tatiana Vergeles. Square we need in literature - without conditions and hypocrisy

Letter to Irene Rozdobudko after reading the manuscript of her novel "Button 2" which will be released in people in April. Tatiana Vergeles. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK Dear Irena! Expected novel « Button-2 & raquo ;, as many of those who work makes Irene Rozdobudko. Standbyala, but did not expect this turn of events in the novel. Irena, how can you so? As can be very modern and yet not stoop to con ’ current situation, the desire to please? Obviously, you've never gone and will never walk in the ranks. Have read and burst into tears. So hurts experienced recently. At the same time – some mountedto my relief, not all on useless anyway, but we are moving towards freedom, away from the scoop from « Novocherkassk massacre » &Ndash; to Ukrainian Maidan. And I thought about our Andrew, who was killed during the Russian sniper somewhere Kostiantynivka. Is clear: just book out, give her sister, the mother of the deceased soldier for speech, thought Mr.eroyiv novel support it strengthen. Until recently stated that I can not and do not want to read about Square. And here … It Maidan we need in Ukrainian literature – without con ’ current situation and hypocrisy. And here you are, Irena, with Vika Amelin (mean her romance « November Syndrome ») me – white crows. And Maineand vidchulosya: you – in solidarity circle of which said one time Lina Kostenko. In your main character – is also on « Ukrainian samashedsheho & raquo ;. And that's OK, it « diagnosis » and « treatment » for « serednostatychnoho » Ukrainian intelligentsia. As I felt the text? This novel, of course, about Kohantion. But love is not just walking in white clothes with rolled up to the sky dreamy eyes. Love it or not, we live life. This is a novel about how we live life. This novel – of man, of the scoop and release from the bondage of dignity. Like – the smell of lilac, aqua, lamurni show-off, and suddenly bohemian samozatsyklenist – deepbyna social and political problems. The smell of lilacs in Burlington rain in New York, heavenly peace outside the castle somewhere in Scotland, and … &Laquo; rubber » town somewhere in eastern Ukraine and burning tires and blood on the Square. Quiet, measured, prosperous life in the West, the ocean and creative chores … Square, cool boots, torn exchanged forSneakers on Independence – racing to rescue the injured Michael's Cathedral. Thus, it is not called « loving » novel melodrama. This is probably the socio-political novel. If at all there is a need for such definitions. Only one word: cool, easy! And – deep, pretty much everything « adult & raquo ;. There are brilliant paralales, they must be read out, a provincial town in the Donbas, where the only work – rubber production, trade on the track rubber tires, shovels bondage of despair soundly Buster – and burning tires Maidan to protect from « Mongol & raquo ;, ie berkutivskoyi invasion, Ukrainian, who rebelled against this slavery. About Degr?Daci « & raquo ;. officers For those those: « Surely conscientious people were. Now there are none – Now all orders perform work afraid of losing. Perhaps the one who brewed this mess in the seventeenth – knew that fear makes people & raquo ;. Red carpet Hollywood Fame – red with the blood of paths to Ukrainian nezalezhnosti. Problems eastern Ukraine, of the working region when the darkness, « and learn pride does not allow workers & raquo ;. Book on the way from rubber suspended animation to the Revolution dignity. Events in Novocherkassk radyanskosoyuznomu 1962 – and Ukraine 2013-2014 year. &Laquo; Novocherkassk » officer who shot himself, refusingShoot « in people & raquo ;, – and berkutivtsi that killing lying. Ponavypysuvala a citation. So at least this: &Laquo; not your dog work, maestro! It's about genetic slavery, fear of authority and fear of power, a time when people turn to cattle people … Since creation of the world to this day & raquo ;. This exclusiontuyetsya layering problems: here and that one of us and we do the teachers, and how the Ukrainian cinema, and the problems of old age (and with humor, and with a quiet sadness), and the « rozrubanist two irreconcilable pieces » &Ndash; native people and native country. This is such a language quiet – a hint of haslovist. Great benefits and pozytSee Irene Rozdobudko books – some cognitive rodzynochky: incentives for knowledge. This is a plus when it comes to overcoming bydlizatsiyi population. In « buttoned-2 » meet Names – Basil Popadyuk Mary Zankovetskaya. Do-from San Diego Bay. I would like Googling, zahuhlytysya-delve. And the same uprising in Novocherkassk – we of Hbth know? After « buttoned-2 » there is a need poshurshaty archives, run a search. Whether that's with interest for themselves learned who the dyslektyky. And most importantly, we find that in all thy Irene, books – power of light and goodness, which gives strength to live. Live, even if he saw firsthand the dead, even if you can not with the memories datesand counsel dot. &Laquo; Button-2 » &Ndash; This support is that my mother is my mother … And yet, I hear Adagio in G minor – If this film based on the novel removed. Thank you. Help IA ZIK. Ukrainian writer Irene Rozdobudko finished work on a sequel « Button » &Ndash; This eagerly awaiting her fanscreativity. This was written by Irene herself Rozdobudko on his page in Facebook: « ... never been superstitious, said that writing « Button-2 » (Ten years later ...). Started in peacetime. Cast, because it was in that time))) And now finished editing ... December 17, 2014. All. Thank you to everyone who is wondering who to ask and wait. And your. R. & raquo ;, – reads the post. In « 2 Buttons » characters of her books were 10 years older. The book writer answers the question of whether the protagonist found his sweetheart. &Laquo; Heroes talk about how their lives had in 10 years. Describes the events in the book in modern years. Modern relationships between people. As we politicallyhave changed since then. What unbelief live & raquo ;, – Irene told Rozdobudko. Note, « Button » was published in 2005. Then work got the first place in the competition « Coronation of Word » nomination « & raquo ;. novel The novel begins in the late 80s of last century. Fatal meeting in picturesquein the Carpathian Mountains changed the life of the protagonist Dennis. He passed all the circles of hell in Afghanistan, but survived. 20 years later we again see Dennis, but now it – Head successful advertising campaign. However, past love again burst into his life, and everything is flying upside down. Told