On September 1, Ternopil will further open two kindergartens

Two preschool educational institutions and several additional groups operating in the city kindergartens already before September 1, plans to open in Ternopil. This was reported by Head of Education Ternopil City Council Olga Pohylyak. &Laquo; Last year we opened an additional 13 groups in pre-schools, and this year in different districts of the city plan to open a few – kindergarten 17, 38 and 22, as well as educational complex 1, located on the street. Zhivov - Olga Pohylyak. &Ndash; In addition, from September 1 will earn as two pre-school establishments – in the district Friendship Street. Adolescence,9 and in the space of young technicians at BAM & raquo ;. It tells the head of the education of kindergarten in young technicians will be placed in those areas that were previously rented private entrepreneurs and the Red Cross Society (the organization City Council will provide another room). Children involved in extracurriculareducation of young technicians will be no change to visit their clubs because station this year, compared with the previous best funded, not shorten any circle and not transferred to another room. &Laquo; Kindergartens, which will open this year, will get their serial numbers: in the district Friendship – it will 3, and in Stationsher young technicians - 4, - adds Olga Pohylyak. &Ndash; Even with the end of March with these institutions ’ to appear in the e-registration and parents can record their children to attend these pre-schools & raquo ;. By the way, also in kindergartens change the cost of food and it is 15 UAH., Of which 9 USD. parents and pay 6&Ndash; state. Children from low-income families still eat for free. The same privilege with children whose parents are members of ATO. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council

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