In the Rivne Oblast death odnoselchanyna received seven years in prison

Rivne district court sentenced 33-year-old Vadim, villagers pecking Rivne region, which last April when drinking alcohol in the house beat odnoselchanyna. A few days later a man from his injuries died in hospital.On that day five companions in the home of one of them got together for lunch. After not take one bottle of alcohol between the two men quarrel arose. Vadim decided to protect his friend and began to beat 69-year-old Anatoly. Doctors Ambulance hospitalized injured man to Rivne Central Hospital. But AnaTolley died a few days. His death was caused by traumatic brain injury with bleeding under the shell of the brain complicated by edema, swelling of the brain and led to its compression. - Actions attacker investigating police station qualified under paragraph 2 of Article 121 (grievous bodily harm, causing death toleratelogo) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - the acting head of the police station Rivne Valery Servetnyk. - A man detained in accordance with Part 2 of Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and the case was referred to court soon. Vadim was already past the dock, but the time of the crimein his last conviction was already settled. Male for what he sincerely repented. By place of residence is characterized indirectly, because the court concluded that to correct and re Vadim to assign punishment of imprisonment for a minimum period prescribed sanction of this article - seven years. Maria YUSTYTSKA, Rivneand District Police Ukraine Rivne region