In the Rivne region rescuers spent working documents rapid response at the regional hospital March 19 Zarichnensky

rescuers in accordance with the schedule of working documents to respond quickly to the most important and complex fire and man-about-hazardous ’ yektah Zarichnensky district had practicalworking on these documents about ’ site of communal establishment « Zarichnensky Central District Hospital & raquo ;. During emergency personnel working together with management and technical staff said about ’ object held classes on how to proceed at the time of the emergencies and conductrescue and other emergency operations, worked out joint actions in case of accidents and incidents and also made adjustments related documentation. &Laquo; Such joint working is very important not only for rescue, but also for all service interactions. It gained practical experience during training event is garantom consistency in the management of the interacting and rescue services in the event of a real emergency & raquo ;, - the deputy chief of the 13th state of the Fire and Rescue Directorate DSNS in Rivne Captain Peter civil protection Filonchuk. Zarichnensky PC PG DSNS Ukraine in equalEnsk area