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In the Lviv region to four years in prison sentenced court attacker who committed robbery at the store seller of mobile phones

Lviv Oblast Court of Appeal sentenced to four years in prison occupant Drohobych, who along with his brother in Striy committed robbery on seller of homeSecond technique. May 31, 2014 about 18 hours two young men went to the hardware store, located in the downtown Stry. After seeing the range of products, youths came out, talked about something on the street, and then re-entered the room. While in the store was only 22-year-old woman-seller. The eldest of the foreheadAges turned to her with a request - show closer mobile phone. At a time when a woman bent to take the goods from the shelves, the attacker struck her blow a bottle of beer on the head. And then grabbed her hair and put a gun to his temple signal, threatening to use weapons. At this time his accomplice, who by this time was at the doorand, taken off the shelves three mobile phones and tablets, and the striker picked up two phones and cash amounting to more than 1200 USD. With loot both fled the scene. The total cost was stolen nearly 12 thousand. "We went out onto the track intruders in a few days after the crime. They were residents of Drohobych, two relativesBrothers, 19 and 27 years. Prior to this case, problems with the law they had. Currently, we are steps to search older brother, 27-year-old attacker, who evaded investigation and trial, "- said Deputy Chief of Police Stryisky Gorotdel Police Major Vladimir Petrovsky. In February this year a panel of judges of the Trial ChambersReview and criminal cases the Court of Appeal of Lviv region decided the verdict and the youngest of the attackers, 19-year-old inhabitant Drohobych convicted of a criminal offense under Part 2 st.187 (robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced - four years in prison with confiscation of all property which is his property. Recently judgment enforceable. Olga Martsynyuk, Assistant Chief Stryisky MB