Lviv last

days Civil Protection In Lviv last days of civil protection. Thus, on March 19 event was held at the Railway area of ??the city, particularly in the secondary school 75. Organized day representatives of educational and methodical center of civil protection and life safety, Lviv region, together with the management of the school. Traditionally in schoolsis a complex of measures on civil protection. Everything begins with a solemn line and educational seminars. Further, according to the work plan in place thematic classrooms open lessons. This time, the students practiced medical care and studied the rules of conduct in terms of safety issuesand. The school trained « Safe City » students from 3rd grade. During the lesson the kids learned basics of safe behavior with fire and practiced in responding to a hazardous situation. Teaching and funny cartoon games for kids helped consolidate the material studied. At the end of the lesson rescuers together with volunteers Centre Bezpeky city students were given booklets with tips from Leo-rescue for fire safety. Sports exhibition of children's art once again stressed conscious attitude of educators to personal safety. Education malechku basics of safe behavior in the future will allow us to create a safe society. There were three RSwreaths – school staff and all students were evacuated from the premises. In the yard ’ her institution on fire, which quickly eliminated local rescuers. Curious high school students showed equipping firefighters and told workers. Everyone was able to hold hands in the fire barrel and eliminate conventional fire. MeanlyWeave raised many interesting questions to which answers were true professional rescuers. At the end of the event at the school deployed primary evacuation point, designed to receive timely evakonaselennya and send it to the place of settlement, in order to improve provision of civil protection and emergency area fromsituations of man-made and natural disasters.