Lviv rescuers discussed the requirements of the rules of safety in extinguishing fires and performing rescue operations

March 19 in technical service unit SU DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region held a workshop meeting with representatives of subordinate units, on the organization of management actions Fire and rescue units and compliancesafety rules for fire extinguishing and performing rescue operations for the consequences of emergencies and hazardous events. With rescuers had classes of action of firefighting and implementation of rescue operations, firefighting in buildings and structures, organization management of forces and means on fire headquarterson fire, organizing links HDZS. In addition, nadzvychaynyky reminded types and timing of briefings on safety, safety rules when performing actions on purpose, doing service documentation for safety and order identification of dangerous goods, order dressing PPE. Afterthis made by representatives of the testing of personnel on compliance with safety rules. Apart from rescuers examined the organization of points called ’ communication parts and checked documentation of Munitions and task forces of regional departments. During the meeting all present confiDo the requirements of the order of MIA of Ukraine « On approval of internal organization, garrison and guard services in government departments and Operational Rescue Service of Civil Protection of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies » and objectives PG DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region for its implementation. In conclusion, seminAGC participants analyzed the most extensive fire on the territory of the region from the beginning of the year. Such an analysis is necessary to prevent deaths, such as fire March 4 in the city. Kiev, which killed two workers DSNS. General meeting held effectively all employees DSNS Lviv ready for incurring further service to the suspiefficient innovation in- frastructure security.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/