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&Quot; On the work of parliamentary commissions " - Igor Rosypaylo, deputy Ivano-Frankivsk City Council faction "blow-public forum"

Jobs deputy to the Deputy Commission is no less important than participating in the session of the City Council. It commissions are considered projects of socio-economic and cultural development of Ehundred, local budgets, reports on program performance and budget prepared and studied the situation and the development of relevant industries, developing projects and preparing decisions of the Council conclusions on these issues, as well as commissions study activity accountable and controlled by the city council and the executive committee of. According to the regulations in part Yvesno-Frankivsk city council has seven permanent parliamentary commission, of which only two fully working. Ensure the organization of the Deputy Commission relies on the head of the commission (deputy and secretary) should be monitored and the Secretary of the City Council, although the latter passive position in this regard is amazing. In my opinion, ifMPs who run a particular commission, for some reason can not fulfill its obligations must be re-elected, and they take place with those who are willing to work intensively, even at the end of term. A moderator of this process should be secretary of the City Council. Commission failure to consider subordinate issues submitted to the session, making them difficult to pryynyattya and generates heated debate in the assembly hall, which we have seen in the last few plenary sessions. More want to stay on the job of the Deputy Commission on Industrial business, strategic urban development, investment and tourism deputy chairman of which I am. The principle of the Commission is to conyadi the agenda for its meeting and a decision on them by simple majority, although more correctly, provide recommendations to the city council to consider the agenda for their acceptance, rejection or revision. Typically Commission meets before each session of the City Council, but at this time we practiceweekly meeting inviting a wide range of stakeholders. Announcement of the commission meeting and the agenda is published on the website of the City Council. A parliamentary committee is open, where anyone can participate. In conclusion, I want to note that the work of parliamentary committees on revision of making the overall systemdecisions City Council is an important component that influences not only increase productivity plenary sessions, but also the efficiency of the city council and the quality of decisions in law and in the economic plane. I hope that the Secretary of the City Council will personally supervise the work of parliamentary standing committees and nayblyzhchyy, all Commission will resume work. This was reported in Ivano-Frankivsk city council