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60th anniversary Bilozir: Vatrivchany after years gather on stage for the first time in Ukraine

22 and 23 March in Lviv Philharmonic will celebrate the 60th anniversary of People's Artist of Ukraine composer Ihor Bilozir. At the same stage for the first time in many years will perform almost all participants VIA "Bonfire." Under the guidance they Symphony Orchestra will perform best comppositions of the ensemble. Ihor Bilozir March 24 to celebrate its 60th anniversary, but tragedy ended his life. His friends decided to celebrate the anniversary of composer concerts. &Laquo; males '60 – this is the first adult anniversary. We value creativity with lift Ihor Bilozir, the whole generation of young people about yourself ’ unite aroundUkrainian songs when almost all of Ukraine at the end of 70 – in the early 80's. was Russian. They raised the Ukrainian song at the highest level & raquo ;, – said General Director of Lviv Regional Philharmonic, conductor Vladimir Syvokhip project March 20, at a press conference. &Laquo; Song of Igor vystoyana time tested different materialsWe moments: the political and moral, and artistic. we raise this layer and see that it is a stepping stone to a new Ukraine, to build a new independent state. Song of Igor – This intimate lyrics family values. It is unique that created the music for the family for seven ’ her. He praised the father, mother, house, room, Ukrainian tradytsiyi. This is what we did then was not enough, is that about ’ unites us & raquo ;, – People's Artist of Ukraine said Oksana Bilozir. She added that the emergence of Ukraine Ihor Bilozir was for a reason. &Laquo; This is the Lord's providence. He worked, he left seam, he formed the foundation was made to a new generation that would love, shanuvalo Ukraine, fought for it & raquo ;, – she added. As the Honored Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Ihor, who once worked for VIA « & raquo ;, Vatra first time in years in Lviv Philharmonic ensemble members will meet again in different years. A few decades ago, there are always held concerts and rehearsals. &Laquo; top « Vatra » was in Lviv Philharmonic Hall. This hall is extremely good aura. I am very pleased collected almost all vatrivchany. Many of his friends and colleagues, I have not seen for decades. Again Stoyan on stage and sing this classic will be interesting for us, and lions ’ Yang & raquo ;, – said Igor Bogdan. Note concerts notdivide will begin at 15.00, 18.00, Monday – 19.00. In addition to the musicians on stage perform songster Bohdan Stelmach and People's Artist of Ukraine Fedor Stryhun. About Ihor Bilozir tells his son Andrew. During a speech in the lobby Lviv Philharmonic Society Photo exhibition on display Volodymyr Dubas, which is the first in years&Laquo; Vatra » was a correspondent and movies broadcast on « Vatra & raquo ;. Told