On the weekend in Lviv read poetry, listen to Bach and kavuvatymut. Poster

on weekends Lions produced a rich and interesting program. On Saturday activists are invited to park in St. George's Day to celebrate poetry and musicians - to join the Bach Marathon, in which in several locations of the city musicians from Ukraine and abroad will performworks of Johann Sebastian Bach. On Sunday it is possible to take part in the project, which will tell everything about coffee and visit the "Graphic day" to make the manual printing press postcards, t-shirts or ekosumky. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK On Saturday in the park St. George will celebrate World Poetry Day. The organizers invite all interested to visit in the UKSeptember to drink tea, read and listen to poetry, perhaps even in calm pleasant music. First Sunday in Lviv library will design « coffee alternative: History, coffee, techniques, recipes, tastings, workshop & raquo ;. At the meeting, visitors can learn: * Why coffee where did where it grows as applies to whyin secret so popular; * Arabica, Robusta and why roast cherry pits; * Coffee cook – to that picture, palette, perspective, composition. Methods for preparing drinks with roasted corn. Boil a cup of black and friends; * The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: taste of good coffee. What guided and what to look for when choosing fromEren, where Ukraine grain and buy quality equipment for brewing coffee; * Alternative coffee, pullover, kemeks, aeropress, siphon, koldbryu; * Workshops on cooking and the possibility to prepare coffee itself. Sunday « Graphic Day » Museum Leopold Levitsky. Visitors will be able to hand printing press, which at one timeykorystovuvav artist Leopold Levitsky, manually create interesting graphic prints and original souvenirs using printed copies art of printing leaflets Levitsky. After training, participants will be able to listen to guided tours of the Museum mail sent to relatives and friends created yourself or purchased in the museum postcards. Saturday'sREPERTOIRE Lviv Opera 18.00 calls for « Aida & raquo ;. At the same hour theater will play Ukrainian Lesia DIVKA. In Theater « Resurrection » will premiere ’ performances Pierre « Behind the door & raquo ;. On Saturday and Sunday it will show at 18.00. At 19.00 Kurbasa theater show « & raquo ;. Apocrypha In Theater « And the people and lyalky » show twice « Stork and Scarecrow & raquo ;: at 12.00 and 14.00. SUNDAY REPERTOIRE At noon Lviv Opera invites you to « Futile care & raquo ;, and at 18.00 – on « Barber of Seville & raquo ;. Theatre. Zankovetska 18.00 show « Cylinder & raquo ;. In the theater Lesya Ukrainian performances will take place at 12.00b « restless Adventure Bunny and Little Red Riding Hood & raquo ;. In the theater Kurbasa 19.00 you can enjoy the show « Waiting for Godot & raquo ;. First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences at 12:00 show « Beautiful Carpathians & raquo ;, and at 15:00 « The Three Little Pigs & raquo ;. Theatre « and People and Puppets » call at 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 to « The wheel of fate & raquo ;. EXHIBITIONS On Sunday, March 22, at 15.00 in Lviv Palace of Arts opening of the exhibition of Joseph Maruhnyaka « Melody for the nation & raquo ;. On the weekend will be the first Interregional Exhibition-Fair handicrafts « Planet handmade & raquo ;. Visitors will be ablesee 70 talented artists, professionals from different regions of Ukraine, more than 35 free workshops that allow visitors to touch the mysteries of artistic techniques and decorative hand made (soap making, decoupage, scrapbooking, Quilling, Henna body painting, making jewelry, creating Christmas toys, painting cakes and bamany others); collection of clothing, handbags, jewelry and much more; for the youngest visitors operate a separate area of ??children's workshops, which will be held every hour workshops maximally adapted for children. The Museum of ideas you can see the scandalous exhibition posters Basil Elephant « persecution of Russian art and DoGerman tsemirstvo jackets & raquo ;. P ’ Five times the Russian authorities closed the show. But the biggest scandal provoked satirical posters Elephant, exhibited in Lviv. Poster Exhibition Ivory had to close and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm, in addition, was immediately dismissed museum director – Marat Gelman. These Plakaty show how catastrophic situation is now in. But this series of posters is more important for exposing the hypocrisy of German politicians: When Arthur Klos brought these posters from Russia to Germany to show them in the German city of Kassel, he contacted the Department of Culture in Kassel requested to inform the process,necessary to organize exhibitions in public space of the city. But his letters twice ihronoruvaly. This was done intentionally to representatives of the government could later claim in the press that the posters have been displayed in public space Cassel, since there was a petition to the Department of Culture. MUSIC To mark the 60th Anniversary of the Birthdaytion composer, People's Artist of Ukraine Ihor Bilozir, 22 and 23 March in Lviv Philharmonic held a musical project, which was the theme of the song composer « Wheat Wisp & raquo ;. Saturday – Bach Marathon. This is a 24 hour live performance of works by Johann Sebastian Bach in several locations of the city muzykanter from Ukraine and abroad. Overall participation in the event will be about 600 musicians from Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Latvia. On the day of Bach Marathon will be a record of the longest Ukraine live performance works of JS Bach. Immortal works of the famous composer on this day you can hear in coffees ’ yarnyah and Restoreanah, hotels, shopping centers and public transport city. Art community Collegium Musicum attached to Bach Marathon – the main events of spring 2015! On Saturday at 15.00 to tell the composer musicologist, associate LNMA them. Lysenko Irina Chernova Story. On Saturday indie mood postrokovyy sound and romancewill bring you young and promising – Pleso (Lviv), Siberian Sun (Uzhgorod), The Indie Sunners (Lviv). MOVIES Cartoons &Laquo; Shaun the Sheep & raquo ;. The peaceful life of a small vivtsefermy is at risk as a result of regular antics tireless host Sean Lamb Farm gets to the big city. Plenty enjoying full freedomand impunity, Sean and the rest of the sheep begin to worry about the farmer and decide to go to his rescue. Disguised as men, they go to the big city, where they will most fun and epic adventure life. &Laquo; Barbie Super Princess & raquo ;. Kara – modern princess who lives an ordinary life. But after kissing spelltion butterfly Kara discovers that has magical powers and can transform into Super Princess that flies throughout the kingdom and ready to defeat any evil. However, her jealous cousin catches a butterfly and also transformed – but in Dark Princess! Fighting princesses heated to the limit, but learning that the kingdom of ’ appearedreal serious enemy, about whether they ’ united in one team, forgetting past differences? From a bird's eye we see that the most powerful force – This is the power of friendship! NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Annie » (Musical, drama, comedy, family). Charming and witty Annie lives in unattractive orphanage supervised evil Educatorsky. But one day, after a meeting with a rich and successful businessman, his life turns ... &Laquo; Divergent Section 2. insurgents » (Fiction, thriller, thriller, adventure). Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue the fight with a powerful alliance that threatens to destroy the existing order in Chicago. &Laquo; VidmorozhAnnie » (Thriller). Robert Saunders, an ordinary mechanic, passed out on his birthday and woke up in the freezer. Russian gangsters who suddenly ’ appeared to begin to accuse him of stealing eight million dollars. To Robert quickly gave the money, the bandits begin to torture him cold. The temperature falls. Fear grows. Before PTurns a choice – freezing cold or be killed by Russian gangsters, because it is still alive not released. But maybe there is a third option. &Laquo; Pilgrim Paulo Coelho » (Biography, Drama). He pursued power, he felt the harmful effects of drugs, tried their hand at rock stars, learned how – bottlesand not like everyone else. He betrayed his own father, even went to prison and psychiatric hospital. Before becoming a famous writer, Paulo Coelho took quite hard way. &Laquo; P-51 Dragon Fighter » (Fiction, fantasy, thriller, war). 1943. In the midst of World War II, the Nazis used against troops secretweapons. These weapons – living dragons were found in North Africa. The only hope Allied – fighter squadron of P-51, which is to engage the enemy with the ancient monsters. On the shoulders Squadron pilots fits most crucial task in their lives. From the results of the mission will depend on the outcome of the war ... &Laquo; Samba » (Komeaction). Samba – Senegalese living in France for ten years, but failures still haunt him – He can not get a good job. Alice – senior executives, literally « burned » at work. Samba in every way trying to get documents to employment and Alice seeks salvation from emptiness owasnoho life. Each one looks for a way out of the impasse generated until one day their destinies intersect. Between laughter and tears of their history making its way to happiness. &Laquo; Superforsazh » (Comedy). Kings of Comedy is back in the ranks. This time about ’ object of parody was « forsazhna » franchise and other movies of thNKI, robbery and cool cars. Even funnier jokes, irony even tougher density gegov – even higher. &Laquo; Cinderella » (Fantasy, drama, romance, adventure, family). The father of a young girl named ’ i Ella, a widower, married again, and soon Ella left alone with greedy and envious new relatives – stepmotherth Tremeyn Lady and her daughters Anastasia and Drizelloyu. From the hostess she becomes a maid, forever stained ash, for which he receives from his quarrelsome consolidated sisters nicknamed – Cinderella. Despite the trouble that fell to its lot, Cinderella zneviryuyetsya not, because even in the most difficult moments is something that helps herto think of a good example, a chance meeting on forest trail with wonderful young man. Ella did not suggest that met the prince himself and soon fairy-godmother forever change her life for the better. &Laquo; Robot Chappi » (Action, Thriller). Chappi – prodigy. Like any other child, he falls under the influence of their environment, etc.Ilka his heart ydusha help him find his way. But there is one thing that makes Chappi unlike any other: it – first robot able to feel and think. Told

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