In the Zhytomyr region firefighters eliminate fire in economic building

February 15 at 23:50 at the point called ’ communications 15th State Fire and Rescue downtown Baranivka was reported fire in the trees ’ Jan barn, located in the village Polyanki. To rescue « 101 » called the owner of the building. At the moment fire people slept. He woke bang slate. The owner went to check what had happened and saw the fire. Informing people about the event rescuers rushed to extinguish the fire themselves, but at the time the fire has engulfed the roof. Firefighters who came to the place called from ’ yasuvaly that because lehkozaymystist building it could burn vschent. However, due to their skilful actions were not spread over the entire area built. But the fire had destroyed the roof and ceiling. Localization of fire took place at 00:22, liquidation – at 01:30. The dead and injured as a result of events were found. While the causes of fire damage and the amount of salvaged material values ??are established experts. In SDSC Zhytomyr region