In the Transcarpathian region pyrotechnics rescue special unit of ammunition destroyed 26

the morning of March 20 in operational and rescue service Transcarpathia acted reported finding metal objects similar to the ammo. Phoned employees of an enterprise located in Mukachevo., On the street. BerehivsCountry ob ’ bypass of barriers which also found ammunition. Before the scene was sent pyrotechnics department rescue special unit of the Office of DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. Upon arrival DSNS experts identified findings, they were n ’ Five artillery shells caliber 125, 122 and 57 mm, threemortar shells caliber 82 mm and 18 grenade launcher rounds. Also, the survey was carried out in the presence of adjacent areas other explosive devices. Then all the dangerous discovery was transported to the military range that s. Orihovytsya Uzhgorod region and disposed of properly. In DSNS Ukraine in Transcarpathian Oblastthose