Rescuers teach children - immigrants from the East Ukraine live in safety regulations

March 19 rescuers had lessons « Safe Step to the Future » for high school students 3 m. Zhytomyr, some of whom are internally displaced children from the East Ukraine. With the latest in management specialists DSNS for almost ten months have developed not only in particularnd friendly and trusting relationships, but also non-stop connection Assistance and leisure. To help students Add ’ safety rules favorites came as representatives of the regional organization Volunteer Fire Company of Ukraine, volunteers and heroes television program « unusual School of Science » Ms. Monya and dragon KOsh. The event started with a view animations of how to act in case of explosive devices, as well as negligence adults and children uncontrolled pranks lead to fires. Funny characters departmental children's TV show in DSNS Management « unusual School of Science » &Ndash; Ms. Monya anddragon cat in game form with the kid had quizzes and competitions. For the correct answer to the winners awarded balloons with logo DSNS Ukraine and DPT, stationery, wall calendars and bookmarks featuring the rules of safe behavior. Inside Peanuts organizers managed to surprise their abilities instantly guess riddles and optiannyamy of safe behavior. And all demonstrated accuracy and agility in conventional fire suppression using cups and buckets, and dressing on the rate of gas masks. And for this each received prizes from Volunteer Fire Company and Rescue Service. During the entertainment were all friendly family together rooting for comandy, plenty laughed and even cried when not able to test their strength. - The relevance of such events on a big no exaggeration - says chief lifeguard region Igor Nikitchuk.- Every child feels safe when know how to act in certain situations. Hopefully, teaching children safety rules areyttyediyalnosti we lay a solid foundation of knowledge for the future. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region