In Volyn Oblast employee warned the State tragedy

Because burning dry grass burnt roadside tree trunk. Inspector of Traffic Police service Horokhiv Andrew Hahalovskyy own car driving to work. Near the village Shklyn roadside he noticed simmering roadside tree. Stop the car, rightsoohoronets immediately called Supervisory staff holding street and road network. The policeman pointed Road exact coordinates adventure, and himself, zahasyvshy tree, ensure road safety for the arrival of the relevant services. - Perhaps, unknown even at night set fire to dry grass, then the flames spread to the trunk. Terrible to thinkconsequences could occur if a tree fell on the road or on the vehicle - said police officer. Dear Volynyane! Remember: by burning grass comes responsibility. Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences provides penalties from 170 to 340 USD - citizens from 850 to 1900 USD - officials.For the same acts committed within the territory and natural reserve fund, the citizens will be fined in the amount of 340 to 680 USD, for officials - from 1190 to 1700 USD. And especially for causing major damage - criminal liability. According to Article 245 (destruction or damage to vegetation) Of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, destruction or damage to forest areas, green spaces around towns along the railway, and stubble, dry wild grasses, foliage or residues on agricultural lands by fire or other dangerous method - punishable by a fine of three hundred to five hundred neopodatkovuvanyh minimum incomes, or restraint of liberty for a term of two to five years, or imprisonment for the same term. If as a result of the crime or killing people was a mass death of animals or other grave consequences occurring, punishable by imprisonment for a term of 6 years. Gorokhovskiy PBMIA Ukraine Volyn region