In Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office insists on returning to the state more than 380 hectares of land worth nearly 6 million. UAH.

Vladimir-Volyn interdistrict prosecutor pre ’ revealed to the court three complaints about the cancellation order of the Goszemagentstva in Volyn region to provide land for rent to create a second farmspodarstv. In addition, prosecutors insist on termination of the lease and return the state land with total area of ??381 hectares, regulatory and monetary valuation which is nearly 6 million. USD. Prosecutors have established numerous cases of allocation of land in the area outside of the place for the creation and maintenance of farm LORDSarstva without justification possibility of cultivation areas, with an indication of the prospects of the economy, to confirm that the founders techniques for cultivation and an indication of the number of members of the economy and that they have the right to obtain free land ownership. In addition, land providedysya farmers not only an array, and at a considerable distance from each other, contrary to the Law of Ukraine « On Farming & raquo ;. There were also cases where citizens who allegedly wanted to create farms, passed in rent farms area already owned by them on private ownership of landni land for agricultural purposes, and they appealed to the state government for preferential receipt of new land for farming. Currently Interdistrict Prosecutor claims pending in Volodymyr-Volyn City Court. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office