At the head of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Valery Cow took part in the regular session of the Regional Council (+ photos)

March 20 held 34 regional session of the 6th convocation, participation in which he took the head of Vinnitsa region Valery cow. According to the agenda, to the deputies was made 30 questions, the most important of which - the restrictionthe use of genetically modified organisms in the Vinnytsia region, project approval to change the land borders of Vinnitsa, amending the regional budget, appointments of chief physicians of medical institutions of the region and making changes and additions to existing programs. At the suggestion of the Head of Regional Council Sergey Retinueska, plenary session began with a minute of silence in memory of this vinnichan 79 soldiers who died in battle in the East. After the head of the Regional Council report on the activities of February 2014 to March 2015, deputies proceeded to the consideration of agenda. All of them after a long discussion were voted by majority voteand each question were taken appropriate action. The deputies also were informed of the Head Valery Koroviya on problems of regional authorities in the current socio-political situation in the country. "The year that passed was the most difficult in the history of independent Ukraine, but we live in a new independent country and Return back Mr.andwhen will not. We are faced with unimaginable challenges related to Russian aggression, so we have more than ever to keep the unity. "- Said the head of state administration. He also noted that despite all the problems Vinnichchina demonstrates sustainable development: "At a time when the whole Ukraine observed decline in industrial production by 20%Vinnytsia region shows growth of almost 5% in agriculture are plus 17.8% and in the construction industry, which in Ukraine shows a decline of 30%, we have an increase of 7.8%. We must continue to move forward, developing region, continuing to work on clearly defined areas. " Among the priorities of the head region called the question Territoriesialnoyi Defense (Assisted military unit in Gaysyn and support "Jaguar"), decentralization (including the budget, which has already begun to be implemented in the region) in charge of preparation for the elections on the basis of the revised Constitution of Ukraine, which will take place in six months. After 34 session of the Regional Council of the 6th convocation, according to the HeadRegional Council number 35 of 03/18/15 year (at the request of the head RSA), the MPs voted for the plenary session of 35 extraordinary session of the Regional Council of 6 convocation. At the plenary session included an extraordinary issue of amendments to the Statute of the Vinnytsia city ambulance station Vinnytsia Regional Council and transmissionproperty assigned to Vinnitsa central district hospital. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration